Safety Redefined
for the 21st Century

Global, 2-way communication puts safety back in your hands


Prevention & Incident Management

Deputize your entire community to be a part of the solution.
Prevent costly incidents before they occur.


Incident Response

Empower your most important assets with 24/7 Access
to highly trained security and medical responders


Duty of Care

Global access to safety and medical resources, when you need it


Empower every member of your organization to Act on See Something, Say Something.

Leveraging the world’s most sophisticated safety and technology platform, PaxSafe’s industry leading solution delivers two-way, real-time communications between employees and safety officials that decreases response times, and prevents costly incidents before they occur.

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2-Way Communication

Empower and engage your community with an accessible, 2-way communications platform that breaks down barriers to communication and prevents costly incidents before they occur.

Check-In on Global Assets

Send geo-fenced broadcast alerts to your global network, or have them check-in to ensure their safety.

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Smart Solutions

Rest assured knowing that you are providing your organization or community with the latest in crowdsourced intelligence, on demand safety, and global response communications.

Trusted Platform

The award winning platform is leveraged by Fortune 500 Companies; leading global Enterprises, Universities, Military Bases, Sports Stadiums, and high profile Special Events around the World.


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