Platform Capabilities

For an evolving world, PaxSafe creates a global safety network by connecting your people to safety and medical response teams – anytime, anywhere. This is duty of care for the 21st century.

Gather valuable tips from employees

PaxSafe puts a mobile security app in the hands of everyone in your organization, deputizing employees so they are empowered to do something when they see something. Employees can send text, photos, videos and precise location information to report incidents ranging from routine maintenance needs to suspicious activity to safety threats. PaxSafe’s cloud-based command dashboard receives tips in real time and allows security officials to respond via secure live chat.

Send targeted, location-based messages through geofencing

Using advanced geofencing technology, PaxSafe delivers precise, location-targeted broadcast messages anywhere in the world. Employees can receive broadcast messages directly through the PaxSafe app or can be sent via SMS text, push notification or email. Command dashboard administrators can also request app users to check-in to confirm they are safe.

Know precisely where incidents are happening 

By receiving GPS-based location data, security officials can speed up response times. When PaxSafe users enable real-time location sharing on their device, it allows security to know the exact location from which an incident is being reported.

Locate the nearest safety locations

A customized Safety map shows users in real time the location of nearby safety places, such as police stations, hospitals and fire stations, as well as areas of interest to your organization like help-points or hazards. Users can view their location on the safety  map to help guide them to the appropriate location. Security officials can also publish incidents to the safety map so users can see where incidents have occurred.

Virtually walk users from point-to-point

Utilizing GPS-enabled location technology, SafeWalk allows users to virtually walk family, friends and colleagues from one point to another by monitoring their location on a real-time map. Based on users’ location and intended destination, hands-free smart alerts are sent to both parties if the user doesn’t arrive at the intended destination by the estimated time of arrival. Alerts are also sent when the user is delayed, has arrived or has summoned for help. It can be used daily, and it’s our most popular feature among users!

Access to real-time ROI and statistical data

PaxSafe’s command dashboard provides a comprehensive statistical overview on usage and downloads, and allows for helpful insight on patterns and trends, helping capture the pulse of safety within an organization. Time filters can be applied to show stats from the last seven days, 30 days, all-time and custom range. Charts and graphs can be created showcasing tips submitted, emergency events, information about the user base, broadcast messages and check-ins, SafeWalk sessions and SafeRide usage (if applicable). We’re transparent with all of the stats because we’re confident in the ROI back to your organization.

Make PaxSafe your own by customizing it to your organization

PaxSafe provides full customization and branding of its app, so it can be fully-tailored to your organization. Colors and logos will represent your organization,  while emergency plans and procedures can be uploaded into the app so that employees can have have easy access to them everywhere they go — even if they are offline! This unprecedented flexibility makes the PaxSafe platform the right fit for your organization.  

Pinpoint precision

Indoor Location Systems is a new technology that utilizes different methods and technologies to provide enterprises with finely-tuned position of people and assets inside buildings.  In support of this new market, PaxSafe is compatible with Low Energy Bluetooth (Beacons), GPS, WiFi and Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. We partner with leading vendors to support your choice of an Indoor Location System.

Response Capabilities

Medical Response

24/7/365 Global access to on-call, emergency physicians and specialist teams to diagnose and treat, as well as coordinate all logistics related to emergency medical crisis management and extraction.

Physical Security

With access to highly-trained security teams in 85 countries around the world, PaxSafe provides you and your highly-mobile workforce peace of mind, knowing that a rapidly-deployable physical security team is just a button push away.

International Incident Management

Connect your global workforce to your security infrastructure, or let PaxSafe’s highly-trained global medical and physical security response teams provide coverage where you need it most.

Command & Control Dashboard

Real-time Command & Control dashboard for two-way communication and advanced analytics.


1. Intelligence Gathering:

Using the PaxSafe mobile application, users submit tips directly to the cloud-based Command Dashboard, allowing for real-time crowdsourced intelligence gathering. Dashboard users can chat back with them real-time.

 2. Alert employees anywhere in the world:

Using advanced geofencing technology, PaxSafe allows for precise location-targeted broadcast messages anywhere in the world via the PaxSafe app, SMS text, push notification or email.

 3. Check in on your people:

Command dashboard users can setup a geofence to ask all employees within a specified area to check-in and confirm if they are safe.

Analytics & Set-Up

Analytics & ROI

PaxSafe’s command dashboard provides comprehensive statistical data. Real-time insights on usage patterns and trends allows your team to allocate critical resources efficiently.

Seamless Set-up

With a cloud-based Command and Control dispatch center, the platform is easily-accessed via your existing SOC or security center set-up. PaxSafe’s efficient, turnkey solution installs without a need for new hardware or staffing resources.

Driving Engaged Results

Because ROI Matters

PaxSafe’s customer success team ensures that your organization gets the maximum engagement and ROI out of the platform. With proven methodologies to facilitate deployment and drive community engagement, we work with your team to build a customized plan that will exceed your expectations.

Plan and Configure

A dedicated member of our success team collaborates with your organization to configure the platform. Together, we will drive engagement to meet established key performance indicators.

Train & Test

We provide detailed training to prepare your security teams to monitor and operate the platform. This is supported by testing best practices to reinforce training and the established workflow.

24/7 Communications & Support

PaxSafe provides regular check-ins, system updates and reports to ensure maximum adoption within your organization. You also have 24/7 access to technical and communications support, ensuring your global operations always run smoothly.

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