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PaxSafe is a global solution to help build smarter organizations and communities. Our award-winning platform engages your people in a holistic way, and addresses safety and security challenges from prevention to incident management.

Crime mitigation

Crowdsource Intelligence

around suspicious activity, theft, and other safety and security concerns

Global two-way, GPS-tagged communication

means issues are identified real-time, and resolved faster. Through geo-targeted communications, broadcast alerts provide information to employees in affected areas.

A preventative approach

helps your organization maintain compliance and duty of care, and helps prevent costly incidents before they occur
The cost of reacting to incidents is 100x the cost of preventing incidents
The percentage of workplace incidents (theft, violence, misconduct, etc) that go unreported despite advanced indicators

Fraud & Ethics

  • Maintain compliance by empowering your community with an accessible and discreet tool to communicate fraud and ethics violations.
  • Confidential and anonymous communication builds trust between organization officials and employees, breaking down the barrier of communication, and helping prevent costly incidents before they occur.
  • Rout tips to the most appropriate department: Issues like fraud and ethics can be handled by a designated office, while safety concerns by another. Efficient routing improves response times.  
¼ cases of occupational fraud resulted in losses over $1 Million
Organizations with no fraud reporting controls in place suffered more than 50% in losses than organizations with fraud reporting controls in place

Cyber Security or Data Breach

Discreet and anonymous reporting

Employees can discreetly and anonymously alert IT or security teams to cyber security or data breaches, as they occur

Broadcast messaging

helps staff and service members be informed on the latest safety and security updates in and around the facility

Customized security protocols

with relevant contact info to help your employees know what to look out for and how to report issues as they arise
Average cost of a cyber crime
Average cost of data breach

Sexual Harassment /Assault

  • Confidential and anonymous reporting: Connect your community to designated counseling or organization resources. Anonymity and confidentiality break down barriers of communication and connects your community to the support they need.
  • Resources and Support Options: Provide community members easy access to available resource options and contact information so they can reach out for support.
  • Safewalk helps users to walk from point A to point B with peace of mind, knowing that their friends or colleagues are looking out for them.
of females experience sexual harassment in the workplace
of sexual harassment cases in the workplace go unreported

Mental Health

Empower your community to reach out

on sensitive issues that often go unreported. By providing a discreet and confidential communications channel linked to the most appropriate resources, you can help provide adequate support when it’s needed most

Customized resources

Mental health support resources can be difficult to locate. Provide easy access to customized resources so your employees can engage with those they feel most comfortable with

Emergency tracking

In the event of a mental health or medical emergency, the user can get in touch with their GPS location - allowing your team to provide fast and effective response
of Employees say their company does not do enough to promote employee health
Every $1 invested into mental health by employers results in $4 in increased productivity

Facilities Management

  • Leverage the power of crowdsourced intel to identity issues as they arise: Community members can easily report repairs or facilities issues directly to the facilities department. Added media (picture, video, audio) can help log and identify the issue.
  • Leverage geo-targeted broadcast messaging or check-in as a part of your organization’s routine drill procedures, or in the event of a live safety/hazard situation.
  • Digital history and usage stats help keep an inventory of known or resolved issues that can be used to allocate resources accordingly.
of executives say that predictive maintenance is a trend that will impact their ability to grow.


The Safety Map

can help users navigate unknown areas by highlighting key locations, customized to your organization. It also can be used to alert travelers to potentially dangerous areas to stay away from


allows you to send targeted check-in messages to find out which of your people are within a certain radius


a peer-to-peer virtual escort tool, enables people to ask their contacts to follow them as they travel. As long as there is wireless or data connectivity, SafeWalk will work anywhere in the world

24/7/365 Global access to emergency

physicians and specialist security teams to diagnose and treat, as well as coordinate all logistics related to emergency medical crisis management and extraction
Millions of employees travel every year for work. Main concerns include health, personal safety, severe weather, acts of violence, terrorism.

Emergency Situations (i.e. active shooter, terrorism)

  • Targeted Broadcast messaging helps keep employees connected to safety and security updates. Segment broadcast messages by teams, offices, or regions for hyper-precision and rapid delivery.
  • Emergency Location monitoring: Employees can send a discreet message or call to security, with their active location GPS indicating their exact movements for fast crisis response.
  • Emergency Check-in allows you to send targeted check-in messages to find out which of your people are within an affected area
  • Customized Resource Protocols ensure that the latest emergency procedures and protocols are saved on your employees’ phones.
⅔ of US companies name Active Shooter as a top threat; but almost 80% are not fully prepared to address it.
The platform has been used in 2 international terrorism incidents to locate affected employees in a matter of seconds.

Smart Communities

Crowdsource Intelligence

Deputize your entire community to be the eyes and ears of safety by reporting suspicious activity or safety threats

The Safety Map

allows you to indicate points of interest like hospitals, police departments, safe-shelters and evacuation routes on a customizable digital map


a peer-to-peer virtual escort capability, enables your community to walk from point A to B by leveraging their social safety network of friends to keep an eye out for them should anything go wrong
Numerous studies show that active and engaged community safety initiatives can significantly bring down crime rates
The platform has been used to increase reporting upwards of 5000% after one-year of implementation, leading to decrease in crimes

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